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   "Originally, I thought I was doing this for my husband, but I discovered I was really doing it for myself.  Karen helped me realize that a woman is beautiful at any age and by accepting and embracing every phase of life allows your true beauty to shine."
When your hire Karen you're not just having your picture taken; you're having an experience that will last for years to come."

                                                     ~Jennifer P

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Personal branding photography is the process of creating high quality images that tell a story about who you are, your personality, and your brand. 
These photos can be used in a variety of ways throughout your website, social media and marketing efforts.  It's all about capturing who you are, what you provide and what makes your brand unique.  I work with my clients to capture their professional, creative side as well as their natual side.
I want to help elevate your business
and stand out from the crowd.

what is personal branding?


Beauty, to me, is revealed by showing confidence in who you are.
It is my job to help you reveal just how wonderful and unique you are to the world. 
I totally understand when I hear a woman say, "Oh I need to lose 10 lbs" or "I am not photogenic," etc.
Girl, let me tell you, these and other statements woman say are not real issues and they can be easily
solved with proper lighting, wardrobe, photoshop and posing
So, be brave, and choose to do this for yourself. It just might show you how truly beautiful you are.


contemporary style portraits

Are you thinking; I could never do this!!

Beauty is NOT defined by your age, size or how much skin you show.
Beauty is revealed by showing confidence in who you are.
My style of boudoir is defined as
"classy' and "romantic.
Each client's session is designed specifically for their style and comfort.
I hold your hand through the entire photo session with direction of posing and mood.
If this is a dream to do this type of session, then now is the time.


Have you had a dream of being
photographed in a unique beautiful
These romantic, dreamy and fairytale-like images are a specialty session designed with you in mind.

We can create together images that are soft and dreamy with flowing hair and dress or in the woods which can be dark and moody (or both).
I have a selection of dresses,
headpieces, and accessories to choose for photo sessions.

Enchantment portraits

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Speaking to you on the phone I am able to understand how you are wanting to be photographed and also, I can answer any questions you may have.

Once the photoshoot is booked, we can start to plan out the details of your session on what to wear as well as hair and makeup style.

On arrival you will be greeted by me and my makeup artist to have a session of pampering. Afterwards, you will have a photo session with full direction of poses and moods

We will make an appointment for you to return and view your photos.  This also gives you the opportunity to decide which images you will order, and which package fits your needs

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