Beauty(boudoir/glamour) Portraiture for the everyday woman

What does that mean?

Have you ever wanted to have beautiful photos of yourself? Then a glamour/boudoir session is perfect for you. You just might find out, as many women have, it is a LIFE CHANGING EXPERIENCE.

Beauty is not defined by your age, size or how much skin you show. 
Beauty is revealed by showing CONFIDENCE in who you are. 

As a woman, I am always having to remind myself of this fact when I start being critical or judging myself, as well.

So I totally understand when I hear a woman say, "Oh I need to lose 10 lbs" or "I am not photogenic", etc.

Girl, let me tell you, these and other statements woman say are not real issues and they can be easily solved with proper lighting, wardrobe, photo-shop and posing
So, be brave girl, and choose to do this for yourself.  It just might show you how truly beautiful you are.



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