High School Senior Boys-Bonney Lake Photographer

WOW, can you believe another school year is over? Now is the time to think about your 2013 senior photos. I love going all around the BonneyLake/Sumner area to photograph seniors. I always tell my boy seniors that “I promise I will not make you do anything stupid or feel uncomfortable. I want them to look cool or like rock stars.(more)
High school senior boys by bonney Lake photographer-Karen Wolfe Photography
Bring your car, instrument that you play or anything that shows the world who you are.(more)
2013 Senior boys by Karen Wolfe photography
The wide angle photo was a test to check my lighting but it turned out to be one of Brayden’s favorites. I think it is cool too! The last photo I asked Zack to jump or do something with action and he suggested a handstand. I was amazed when he did a one-handed handstand and I was able to catch him completely vertical. These kind of photos to me are so exciting.
Senior boys 2013 by Karen Wolfe Photography


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