Nick is a very talented young man and plays numerous stringed instruments like the violin, guitar and cello. Interesting enough his plan after graduating is to make violins and has already applied to a school where he will do just that.

One thing children are not shy about and that is making faces for the camera. It is so much fun to see them be so happy to show me their many faces and I love to encourage them to be silly. After a “Little Red Riding Hood” session I asked Mia to show me her […]

These photos are “The Girls” from one of my family portrait sessions taken this summer on my property. The road they are walking along actually is the driveway back to my home studio. It is a bit bumpy but I have been fighting not to have it paved so I can use it for photos. […]

Sweetness is the first word that comes to mind when I look at this lovely little girls face. What a beauty!

Sorry I have not posted in quite a while. The good thing is that I have been very busy with portrait sessions. Yeah! So I have a lot of making up to do with examples of my sessions. The other reason I have been absent is that I have been dealing with a family crisis […]