Erin is an author of the book titled “Augland.” She booked me to photograph her personal branding photos for social media, website and her book bio photo.

Erin Carrougher-Personal branding photographs

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Erin Carrougher is a speculative fiction author whose debut novel, Augland. It is set in Seattle’s not too distant future. While her day-to-day work is all business, she enjoys fantasizing about dystopian worlds in her free time.

When Erin is not writing on her comfy couch next to her dog, Griffen, she loves cooking, reading, binge-watching reality television shows, and enjoying the outdoors. She’s a proud auntie of Annabelle and Wyatt, her two favorites until more come along. While not an avid sports fan, she does fancy watching the Seahawks dominate with her husband, Joe, friends, and family.

Her book is available for purchase on Amazon Augland: an Augland Novel: 9781631959257: Carrougher, Erin: Books

Erin is a lovely woman and I really enjoyed working with her. All this best for your future book sales!!

This is a testimonial from one of my clients after her Boudoir photography session.

“I had been thinking of getting boudoir photos taken, for my soon to be husband as a wedding gift.  Never in my life had I ever considered doing this ever before.  I knew it was something he would love and appreciate as I knew he loved me so much. 

After I had looked at Karen’s work online, I thought her work was very tasteful.  I also knew her personally as I had met her at a few networking events. Once I made the appointment, I spent the next few weeks freaking out. What was I to wear, what will this be like and in disbelief that I had just signed up to be photographed with very little covering my body, ugh?  Karen talked me through what the day would look like and promised she would handle everything down the smallest details.  
Oh boy did she deliver!

During the process I did shed some tears as I have never been in a situation where I felt more beautiful about myself and my body.  Of course, the final results looked amazing. Karen is a true artist.  The photos exceeded my expectations and really brought out my individual personality. You would’ve thought Karen had known me for 20 years.  My husband loves the photos. After all was said and done, I truly love the photos and I started seeing myself very differently than I had in the past.  My life changed for the better that day, I had a newfound self-confidence.  

All women should do this for themselves.  I promise it will eliminate negative self talk and restore self confidence.  I am actually considering doing this for myself every few years.  
You must truly love yourself before you can love others.  I use to think this is just something my mom would say to me when I’d had a bad day, but after this photo experience I truly believe it to be true.  Karen has a very special skill for bringing out inner beauty through her photos, that I didn’t even know existed.  Thank you so much, Karen!!

As I arrived at her studio I was met with the most lovely make up artist who applied my make up perfectly for the day’s photo shoot, and my hair was then styled perfectly.  I was very nervous in the beginning and Karen came through walking me through each pose with grace, are and clarity and as the session progressed I just became so comfortable and really started to have a lot of fun with it.   When we were finished, I was tired but so excited and I couldn’t wait to see the end results and present them to my husband. ” 

Boudoir photography session-Karen Wolfe Photography

Bravo Gina for braving the courage to reveal your beauty!!!

Almost every little girl dreams of being a princess or even a fairy princess.  I offer a special photo session just for your little girl to live out her fantasy.  What a wonderful opportunity to fulfill your child’s dream and capture this magical time in there lives to cherish forever.
These photo sessions are only offered twice a year and I will be booking for my next session for April 22-29th.  The session fee is $150 which covers the photo session, all props and accessories, editing/retouching and an ordering session.  No prints are includes with this fee.  This special Enchantment photo session is perfect for ages 4-8.
So hurry and call, text or email me to schedule your child’s photo session before this session is gone.  Don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

I thought the snow on Christmas was so special it really made my holiday wonderful. We haven’t had any since and am still hoping for some before I want spring to come(which will be soon). I did get this early morning frosty photo of an old farm fence.
It does give one a cold winter feeling. Brrr. Makes me want to be home by the fire drinking hot tea.

Renee of Redani Designs asked me to photograph another bedroom she so beautifully designed. Can’t you just imagine yourself relaxing and enjoying life in this fabulous bedroom. Here are just a couple photos as an example of her excellent talent and attention to detail.
Redani Designs-Bedroom-Karen Wolfe Photographye Redani Designs-Karen Wolfe Photography

I had the pleasure of photographing Renee’s( beautiful design by Redani Designs.   It is a bedroom located in a home in Tehaleh. The client was so happy with the results she has decided to have other rooms to be designed as well.  Way to go Renee!!Redani Designs-Karen Wolfe Photography-interior design .