I thought the snow on Christmas was so special it really made my holiday wonderful. We haven’t had any since and am still hoping for some before I want spring to come(which will be soon). I did get this early morning frosty photo of an old farm fence.
It does give one a cold winter feeling. Brrr. Makes me want to be home by the fire drinking hot tea.

I’m behind on posting because I’ve been so busy. In September, we took a vacation at the Ross Lake resort in the North Cascades. Wow, the adventure was amazing. Right on the lake, the resort is located in a peaceful area. It is so remote that you can’t get there by car. It takes a boat ride, a truck ride, then another boat ride to get to the resort. We had a great time at the resort and met a lot of great people. We didn’t realize how lucky we were to get a reservation because most people make reservations a year in advance.
Ross Lake Resort in the North Cascades
Ross Lake Resort rented boat
Ross Lake Resort after sunset

We had a short vacation and took a two day trip to Port Townsend.  Port Townsend is one of my favorite cities to visit and is doubly great because we now have friends that live there.  I decided to challenge myself and made the choice of using only my 15mm fisheye lens to photograph.  I was able to get some interesting images using the fisheye lens especially at Fort Worden in the bunkers.  These bunkers are so cool!  The textures and the light were great to play with, and there is a maze of rooms, stairways and corridors that are wonderful to explore.  I saw this awesome light coming through a doorway into a room and talked Brad into standing there to capture the last photo.  I love it!

Brad and I went to California to visit his mother. We also were able to take a small trip to the coast. We stayed in Santa Cruz and then drove north along the coast so I could also take some pictures. I can not go without taking pictures when I see beauty. I loved taking some pictures of Pigeon Point Lighthouse at sunset. Wow, was it windy. I also could not resist taking a photo of an old fence in some yellow flowers along the road.