Personal Branding-Monique Rickard-Author

Monique Rickard author of book titled "Juniper"

Monique is currently writing a book, which is currently in the editing phase, titled “Juniper”.  The book is about a lonely teen who, after meeting a clairvoyant cancer patient devotes herself to finding a cure in hopes to psychically reunite with her missing father. 

She booked a session in order to have photos to use on her website and social media.  These photos are just a few from her session.  I found Monique to be a very nice and gentle woman who wants to contribute to the world in a loving way.

Monique says.

I would describe myself as an auspicious writer who loves exploring mystical theology and conscious awareness through storytelling. As part of my process, I love to be immersed in nature—diving headfirst into the research, and connecting with like-minded intuitive souls

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