Commercial Photos-Redani Designs by Karen Wolfe Photography _MG_8995 Untitled_Panorama7I love helping business’s grow and revealing their special skills, talents, and products that they offer.  Personally, I believe it is important to have a professional photographer to photograph your products, headshots and business locations.  With everyone searching online for any interest in a business or product online it is important to look professional. I had the pleasure of being asked to photograph some photos of Renee Chandler owner of Redani Designs expert skill as a interior designer.  She was very happy with her photos and excited to display the photos of her work. Above are a few samples of her work.


I love to take real estate photos of homes for sale.  I feel I can really take the photos that will help realtors attract buyers.  I have seen so many photos of homes for sale that are just not up to par for showcasing a home in the best light(pun).  With lower prices, it is a great time for those who are looking to buy a home.