Tips to a Better Selfie

Let’s be honest, we all take selfies, and as good as we look-for some reason the picture quality just is not on our level. Here are a few tips to get your composition up to par with your awesome looks.

Make sure you are facing good lighting- the best is natural light coming in from a window! This will correctly light up your face and will help you avoid noise from lack of good light.
Hold your phone a little above your face. The angle from above is a lot more flattering than the angle from below.

Use your hair to your advantage. Sometimes a little hair in your face is a fun/playful look instead of just straight on.

Avoid a distracting background.  The best selfies will have a clean and non-cluttered background, whether it’s against a plain wall or the sky.  Move yourself until the background is not going to be a distraction.

Extra pictures don’t cost, so take a few while trying different lighting and angles until you get the image you really like.  You don’t have to keep them all… or you can.