Angel and Aria

Angel and Aria participated in my special Enchantment Portrait session. This is a limited session only offered twice a year. They really enjoyed dressing up as princess fairies and were thrilled to participate in the magic of the enchanted forest scene.Angel and Aria as princess fairies in the Enchanted Forrest.Angel and Aria creating whispers in the Enchanted Forest.

  1. Laurie Mitchell

    June 5th, 2012 at 11:54 pm

    I hand Jennifer, (Angel and Aria’s Mom) a small photo album this morning, (Mother’s Day) with a picture on the front of a pair of fairies….then she realizes the fairies are her daughters…as she’s turning the pages looking at how beautiful her girls look, there are tears rolling down her face and she tells me…”this is the best present I’ve ever gotten in my entire life!” Mission accomplished! What a great day! ~♥~


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