Cristian Celebrates Year 3!

I have photographed the adorable Cristian since he was a newborn. It is so wonderful to photograph him every year and see him grow and blossom. Cristian has the best memory I have ever seen in a child. He remembers everything we did at last year’s session and more.(example-Last year I had left my vacuum cleaner at the end of the hall and this year he wanted to know where it was since it was no longer there. Amazing! Anyway, we had fun playing with different toys, musical instruments and I had to have him paint since that is what he did last year(at his request). We also went outside for a few photos in the extreme cold and fog, but I think the pictures turned out so cute of him until his nose got red from the cold. Time to go inside and warm up!Cristian's 3rd birthday-Bonney Lake Children's photographer