I NEED TO LOSE WEIGHT before a photo session?

Curvy and Fabulous Boudoir or Glamour Photo Sessions

This is the most used comment I hear when I reveal my work to a woman.

Most clients are uneasy when it comes to their body image no matter what size and, as a result, they are hesitant to schedule a boudoir/glamour session. Very rarely do Icurvy and fabulous-Karen Wolfe Photography have someone who is completely comfortable in her body. I especially get a lot of questions from women who are curvy, inquiring about how their session will work.

I am here to solve your concerns. And FYI, curvy boudoir/glamour sessions work the same as any other boudoir session! I can make you look and feel sexy no matter your size. Be proud of your curves!

If you need help picking out flattering clothing options, I can help with that. Once you get here, relax and let me be in charge of posing you to make you look your best. Different body types require different types of poses to accentuate your best features. It’s my job to know the right angles and poses to help you to look your best.

It is not about how much skin you show; it is all about your confidence. Believe me, confidence is Sexy!!