Boudoir Photography-Why Should I Book a Session?

This is a testimonial from one of my clients after her Boudoir photography session.

“I had been thinking of getting boudoir photos taken, for my soon to be husband as a wedding gift.  Never in my life had I ever considered doing this ever before.  I knew it was something he would love and appreciate as I knew he loved me so much. 

After I had looked at Karen’s work online, I thought her work was very tasteful.  I also knew her personally as I had met her at a few networking events. Once I made the appointment, I spent the next few weeks freaking out. What was I to wear, what will this be like and in disbelief that I had just signed up to be photographed with very little covering my body, ugh?  Karen talked me through what the day would look like and promised she would handle everything down the smallest details.  
Oh boy did she deliver!

During the process I did shed some tears as I have never been in a situation where I felt more beautiful about myself and my body.  Of course, the final results looked amazing. Karen is a true artist.  The photos exceeded my expectations and really brought out my individual personality. You would’ve thought Karen had known me for 20 years.  My husband loves the photos. After all was said and done, I truly love the photos and I started seeing myself very differently than I had in the past.  My life changed for the better that day, I had a newfound self-confidence.  

All women should do this for themselves.  I promise it will eliminate negative self talk and restore self confidence.  I am actually considering doing this for myself every few years.  
You must truly love yourself before you can love others.  I use to think this is just something my mom would say to me when I’d had a bad day, but after this photo experience I truly believe it to be true.  Karen has a very special skill for bringing out inner beauty through her photos, that I didn’t even know existed.  Thank you so much, Karen!!

As I arrived at her studio I was met with the most lovely make up artist who applied my make up perfectly for the day’s photo shoot, and my hair was then styled perfectly.  I was very nervous in the beginning and Karen came through walking me through each pose with grace, are and clarity and as the session progressed I just became so comfortable and really started to have a lot of fun with it.   When we were finished, I was tired but so excited and I couldn’t wait to see the end results and present them to my husband. ” 

Boudoir photography session-Karen Wolfe Photography

Bravo Gina for braving the courage to reveal your beauty!!!