Erin Carrougher-Author

Erin is an author of the book titled “Augland.” She booked me to photograph her personal branding photos for social media, website and her book bio photo.

Erin Carrougher-Personal branding photographs

Based in the Pacific Northwest, Erin Carrougher is a speculative fiction author whose debut novel, Augland. It is set in Seattle’s not too distant future. While her day-to-day work is all business, she enjoys fantasizing about dystopian worlds in her free time.

When Erin is not writing on her comfy couch next to her dog, Griffen, she loves cooking, reading, binge-watching reality television shows, and enjoying the outdoors. She’s a proud auntie of Annabelle and Wyatt, her two favorites until more come along. While not an avid sports fan, she does fancy watching the Seahawks dominate with her husband, Joe, friends, and family.

Her book is available for purchase on Amazon Augland: an Augland Novel: 9781631959257: Carrougher, Erin: Books

Erin is a lovely woman and I really enjoyed working with her. All this best for your future book sales!!